How to Maximize Bed Space with Slender Aluminum Fuel Tanks


Maximizing bed space in your vehicle can significantly enhance its utility and versatility, especially for truck owners who rely on their vehicles for work or recreational activities. Slender aluminum fuel tanks offer a practical solution for expanding your vehicle’s fuel capacity without sacrificing valuable bed space. In this guide, we’ll explore how you can effectively integrate slender aluminum fuel tanks into your truck bed while optimizing space for other cargo.

Understanding Slender Aluminum Fuel Tanks 

Slender aluminum  transfer fuel tank  are designed to provide additional fuel capacity while minimizing their footprint within the truck bed. Unlike traditional square or rectangular tanks, slender tanks are cylindrical or oval in shape, allowing them to be mounted along the sides of the bed or in other space-saving configurations. These tanks are typically made from lightweight yet durable aluminum, making them ideal for maximizing fuel capacity without adding excessive weight to the vehicle.

Assessing Bed Space and Mounting Options 

Before installing slender aluminum fuel tanks, it’s essential to assess the available bed space and consider the most suitable mounting options. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Measurements: Take precise measurements of your truck bed to determine the available space for mounting the fuel tanks. Consider the dimensions of the tanks as well as any clearance requirements for other cargo or accessories.
  • Mounting Locations: Identify potential mounting locations for the slender aluminum fuel tanks within the truck bed. Common options include along the sides of the bed, behind the wheel wells, or in custom-built storage compartments. Choose locations that allow for easy access to the tanks while maximizing usable bed space.
  • Integration with Other Cargo: Consider how the fuel tanks will integrate with other cargo and equipment stored in the truck bed. Ensure that the mounting configuration allows for efficient use of the remaining space and does not obstruct access to essential tools or gear.

Optimizing Fuel Capacity and Range 

Once you’ve determined the mounting locations for the slender aluminum fuel tanks, it’s time to optimize their capacity and range. Follow these steps to make the most of your fuel storage:

  • Selecting Tank Sizes: Choose slender aluminum fuel tanks with capacities that align with your range requirements and driving habits. Consider factors such as fuel consumption, typical driving distances, and the availability of refueling stations along your routes.
  • Strategic Placement: Position the fuel tanks within the truck bed to distribute weight evenly and optimize vehicle balance and handling. Avoid overloading one side of the bed or placing the tanks in a way that may affect the vehicle’s stability, especially when carrying heavy loads.
  • Auxiliary Fuel Systems: Consider integrating the slender aluminum fuel tanks into an auxiliary fuel system that allows for seamless fuel transfer to the vehicle’s primary tank. This setup can extend your vehicle’s range without sacrificing bed space and provides added convenience during long journeys or off-road adventures.


Slender aluminum fuel tanks offer a practical solution for maximizing bed space in your truck while increasing fuel capacity for extended range and versatility. By carefully assessing bed space, selecting suitable mounting options, and optimizing fuel capacity and range, you can integrate these tanks into your vehicle seamlessly. Whether you’re a contractor transporting tools and equipment or an outdoor enthusiast heading off the beaten path, slender aluminum fuel tanks can enhance the functionality and utility of your truck while providing the fuel capacity you need for your adventures.

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