The Evolution of Alexander Green’s SugarCubes Project

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Alexander Green Symmetry Labs, has undertaken a groundbreaking project called SugarCubes. This article delves into the evolution of this project and the remarkable advancements made by Alexander Green in the realm of visual technology.

From Concept to Reality

The SugarCubes project began with Alexander’s vision to combine 3D modeling, mapping, and addressable LEDs to create a captivating visual experience. Through meticulous planning and collaboration with Symmetry Labs, this vision transformed into a reality. The SugarCubes project offers a platform for live DJs and musicians to engage audiences with immersive performances, where music triggers mesmerizing patterns of light and motion.

Innovation in Control Systems

To facilitate the setup and control of the SugarCubes at temporary installation sites, Alexander and the team at Symmetry Labs developed custom RS-485 control hardware. This innovation allows for centralized control of the distributed cubes using CAT6 RJ-45 cables. By adapting the LEDscape code and leveraging multiple Beaglebone Blacks, they achieved the ability to multicast visualizations directly to the SugarCubes, enhancing the flexibility and creativity of performances.

Recognition and Collaborations

The revolutionary nature of the SugarCubes project has garnered attention from various media outlets. Gizmodo recently interviewed Alexander, shedding light on the extensive work and creativity invested in bringing the SugarCubes to life. The project’s captivating visuals have also been featured in The Cathedrals’ video “Unbound,” showcasing the magic of the art-music-dance synergy.

Looking Ahead: Ineffable and Sundance

Alexander Green’s artistic journey with the SugarCubes project continues to reach new heights. The upcoming PBS documentary, “Ineffable,” will feature Alexander’s work alongside violinist Tim Fain, exploring the future of art. This collaboration promises to captivate audiences with their audiovisual performances. Sundance, a renowned film festival, will serve as a platform for their next public performance, providing an opportunity for art enthusiasts to witness their creative brilliance.


From its conceptualization to its recognition in the media and collaborations with renowned artists, Alexander Green’s SugarCubes project has evolved into a groundbreaking artistic endeavor. The innovative control systems and the upcoming documentary and performance at Sundance showcase the continuous growth and impact of this visionary project. Alexander Green’s artistic contributions to the realm of visual technology are reshaping the boundaries of art and captivating audiences worldwide.

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